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Long Beach, California

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artsy, chingona, ISTP, taurus. i also draw and paint.

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artsy, chingona, ISTP, taurus. i also draw and paint.

I’m a Los Angeles native with a brain full of skewed visions, insides full of ink, and eyes full of hearts. I’m an atypical woman but a very typical Taurus, if that means anything to you. I like getting my nails done but that doesn’t mean I won’t ruin a good manicure knocking a Nazi out.

I’m pretty good with the pen or marker in case of creative or legal emergency. I’m very good with a knife or scissors should you ever need a mugging or decent hair cut. I have a terrible coffee habit, a small-time bone collection, and a love for baking. I can be bribed or paid with steak, flowers, fresh fruit, or war documentaries – just so you know :)

When I’m not drawing I design invitations + party decor for Dos Estrellas press

My better half is my best friend and a brilliant creator: Lionhas3heads.com : Photography by Leo Quijano II.

I answer to no one but a Siberian Husky named Laika and a tiny T. Rex named Thomas.

Live, love + work out of Long Beach, California. I recommend following me on Instagram as it’s my favorite of the social medias.